Don't skip the popcorn coffee roaster!

Low $ Roaster

In this blog I want to talk to you about roasting coffee in a air popcorn popper. Do not skip this method of roasting!

So I will start with why I wish I would have not skip using the popcorn popper method of roasting.

For home coffee roasters, buying your coffee in green bean form is a great way to save money, customize you roasts and have fun.The popcorn popper roaster is a great way to do this without spending a lot of money.I only wish I would have not skipped over this great way of roasting coffee along my way. I have spent thousands of dollars trying different ways of roasting coffee until I settled on a commercial air roasting machine. I have roasted coffee about every way you can imagine. Sorry to say that the popcorn roaster was the last one i tried.I ended up with a very nice air roaster that produced great tasting coffee with almost no chaff but lets compare these two roasters side by side.


POPCORN ROASTER                      MY ROASTER

cost           $30                                         $14,000

size           6inx6inx8in                              3ftx3ftx6ft

roast quality              4stars                                  5stars

max roast                4oz                                      3.7#

power                   110v                                       220v

So for people wanting to roast at home this is a great option and still produces very good air roasted coffee at a fraction of any air roaster on the market.Hence DON'T SKIP THE POPCORN ROASTER!

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